18-year-old indicted on 26 counts in connection to rapes of three women

An 18-year-old Columbus man was indicted on 26 counts Friday that accuse him of raping three women at gunpoint over a two-month span.

A Franklin County grand jury doled out the indictments against Adam Jamar Sesay in connection with rapes that authorities say occurred between March 28 and May 27 in Columbus. The indictment covers eight counts of rape, nine counts of robbery, five weapons violations, three counts of kidnapping and one count of receiving stolen property. 

"This man held a gun to his victims as he raped and then robbed them, all within a two-month time frame," county Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said in a news release. 

Sesay, who lives on Lonsdale Place East on the East Side, was arrested July 13 in connection with the sexual assault and robbery of a woman in late May as she walked on East Livingston Avenue on the Far East Side. 

Court records show she was grabbed from behind about 1:20 a.m. Police say Sesay then struck her on both sides of her face, dragging the woman down a small hill and behind a tree, where he sexually assaulted her at gunpoint before running off with her purse. 

Just one week earlier, on May 20, Sesay assaulted another woman at gunpoint. And he's accused of sexually assaulting a third woman in late March. Details of those assaults weren't available, but DNA tests tied them together.

"DNA recovered from all three of the rape victim's sexual assault exams matched Sesay," O'Brien said. 

Sesay was in the Franklin County jail Friday night. He's scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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