Grandview daycare provider sentenced to 22 years in prison for raping 2 children

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Grandview in-home daycare provider was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Tuesday for raping two girls, ages four and six years old.

Terry McFadden, 70, pleaded guilty to the two first-degree felony charges in January.

The mother of the victims read a statement in court saying McFadden's actions changed the course of her children's personal identities.

"They are beautiful and brave and through this they will know we are their biggest champions and their voice carries action," the mother said in a prepared statement.

The father also read a statement saying, in part, "Terry is no co-parent, no warrior, no citizen."

"You are not welcome back into humanity ever again, Terry McFadden," the father said.

In the courtroom, McFadden said he accepted all responsibility for his actions and said there is no excuse for what he did.

Judge Julie Lynch admonished McFadden during Tuesday's hearing saying, "This court is so sick and tired of seeing adults ruin and abuse children."

"Those parents struggle so that when they release their children to someone during the day they have some semblance that that child is going to be protected and safe," said Lynch.

"You can't even know what damages you've done," she said.

Grandview Heights Police received a referral from Franklin County Children Services on April 7, 2019 regarding the contact between McFadden and the children in his care. Detectives interviewed McFadden the following day.

Before his arrest, there were additional children removed from the residence for their own welfare, police said.

The Grandview Heights Police Department is requesting any parents or individuals that know of children who are or were previously under the care of McFadden to contact them at 614-488-7901.

McFadden will also need to register as a Tier III sex offender.

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