2020 Man pleads guilty in murder of Columbus City Schools bus driver; 2 others indicted

Two men accused of killing a Columbus City Schools bus driver were indicted on Friday while a third has pleaded guilty.

Fifty-four-year-old John Clinedinst was found dead on the front porch of his home on Sept. 24, 2019.

Neighbors said they first thought there were new Halloween decorations on the stoop of the house, which is across the street from Carl Frye Park.

Authorities arrested 19-year-old Tarayle Glick, 23-year-old Donte Slash and 52-year-old Abraham Shears.

According to court records, Shears offered Slash and Glick money in exchange for killing Clinedinst.

Deputies said Slash and Glick waited outside the home for Clinedinst to leave for work. When he came outside, Glick blinded him with a flashlight while Slash stabbed him several times.

“These men plotted and then waited in the early morning hours for this man to come out of his home to go to work, only to viciously stab him to death,” Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said.

On Friday, the grand jury returned indictments on Shears and Glick. The counts include one count of aggravated murder and two counts of murder.

“There are multiple counts of murder with only one victim because there are different methods to commit the crime of murder and the Prosecutor’s Office typically charges all methods,” O’Brien said.

Glick has also been indicted for one count of tampering with evidence. Arraignments for Shears and Glick are scheduled for January 8.

Slash, the man who stabbed Clinedinst, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of aggravated murder. His sentencing is scheduled for July 30.

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