25-year-old man indicted for two murders that occurred during two-week time span in 2017

COLUMBBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced Wednesday that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned an eight-count indictment against 25-year-old Trever Sands for aggravated murder and murder, which occurred during a two-week time span in 2017.

“This man was 21 years old when he committed two separate and unrelated murders in Franklin County during the time span of two weeks.” O’Brien said. “On April 24, 2017 Jeannot Mendy, 32, was fatally shot in a failed robbery attempt while he was working on his motorcycle in his apartment garage on Lowridge Drive.”

Witnesses told police that two men walked up to the victim, shot him numerous times, and fled the scene.

“Two weeks later on May 8, 2017, Gerald Talley, 63, was fatally shot in a failed robbery attempt while inside his house on Kelton Avenue,” O’Brien said.

Witnesses told police that two men fired into the house and fled the scene. Sands was arrested in a vehicle on May 27, 2017 for a separate robbery.

Officers recovered a firearm under Sands’ seat that was later determined to be the firearm used to murder both Mendy and Talley.

Sands is currently in federal prison serving 15 years for a series of robberies.

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