Four suspects arraigned in dog fighting ring

COLUMBUS (WCMH)–  Eleven people were questioned in a suspected dog fighting ring Tuesday. Today four of those 11 were charged with a felony count of dog fighting.

Three of the four had little to say in court, but one of them was forthcoming with investigators when they initially questioned him about the alleged dog fighting ring.

“Just one additional fact your honor, during the interview of the defendant he did admit to taking part in the dog fighting,” said Columbus police Detective Ron Jacobs, who was reading the charges.

The suspect Jacobs talked about was 20-year-old Anthony McGuffie.  He along with Henry Gerard James Hill Jr., 20, Randall Frye and Dwayne Robinson, 33, are all charged with dog fighting.

“I love animals, not just dogs I love all animals. It breaks my heart to know that kind of cruelty was going on so close and you didn’t know anything about it,” said Taylor Hammel.

She is one of Robinson’s neighbors on Breezedale Place, the only east side home raided.

“I knew they had two pit bulls, but I had no idea there were so many dogs. They would walk their pit bulls every now and then,” Hammel said.

She watched authorities raid that home and saw what came out.

“We did see little puppies coming out,” Hammel said.

Also seized from several of the homes along with adult dogs, were treadmills and dog training equipment.

“Either training dogs or having dogs that are fighting dog kind of species isn’t a violation of the law, it is when you are training them and for the intention of fighting them in a dog fight,” said Ron O’Brien, Franklin County Prosecutor.

O’Brien said the search warrants used to raid the homes are sealed until a grand jury hears the evidence against the four men. He said they have 10 days to do that or they have to dismiss the charges. For now the four are being held on $40,000 bond and will be back in court on April 15 at 9:30 a.m.

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