Man accused in deadly string of heroin overdoses has no opportunity for bail

The man accused of selling from a deadly batch of heroin this weekend will stay in jail without any opportunity at bail.

The attorney for Rayshon Alexander said he turned himself in after nearly ten people overdosed within nine hours this weekend and two of the died.

Prosecutors say Alexander sold a batch of heroin laced with fentanyl.

One user who survived said Alexander told him to be careful with the drugs because others had been "falling out."

Alexander's friends who attended his arraignment Tuesday denied his involvement in any of the drug deals.

"It's all he said, she said," Ashlee Brooks told ABC 6/FOX 28. "He went down there to check on somebody. They said his name. That's where all this came from."

Prosecutors say they're now considering murder charges when presenting the case to a grand jury.

Currently, Alexander has been charged with corrupting another with drugs.

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