Ohio man accused of over a dozen armed robberies in three weeks

One man might spend the rest of his days in prison after a grand jury indicted him Monday on 60 charges related to a slew of armed robberies in Franklin County.

51-year-old Field Harris is accused of robbing 15 businesses in Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware Counties, 14 of those at gunpoint.

"Not that often where you have 15 armed robberies in less than a month, committed at various locations. Gas stations, flower stores, pharmacies," said Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien.

O'Brien said Harris was previously convicted in Richland County in 1998 and in Cuyahoga County in 2012 which prohibits him from possessing a gun.

The crime spree lasted about three weeks. The first robbery was Aug. 16 and the latest, Sept. 10. 11 days later, Harris was indicted by a Franklin County grand jury.

The crimes add to a busy summer for law enforcement in Central Ohio.

"Especially this year with an increase in homicides, an increase with the violent crime, having someone out there who's committing serial armed robberies, you need to get them stopped, you need to get them off the street and you need to get them in jail because it's only a step away from a murder when you commit an armed robbery of a business with a handgun," said O'Brien.

As of Monday night, Harris remains in the Franklin County Jail with a bond total of $520,000.

"Other than a rape, the most frightening crime is an armed robbery where someone sticks a gun in your face," O'Brien said. "There is a possibility he could spend the rest of his life in jail based on the number of crimes he committed if he's convicted."

ABC 6/FOX 28 spoke with several managers and owners of the businesses robbed. They declined to go on camera but said they were relieved an arrest was made and that the suspect remains behind bars.

Authorities allege that Harris robbed the following locations in Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware Counties:

  • 08/16/2020: BP/Duchess Shoppe located at 6241 S. Sunbury Rd.
  • 08/26/2020: Shell/Truenorth located at 1195 Morse Rd.
  • 08/27/2020: BP located at 7141 N. High St.
  • 08/27/2020: Get Go Gas located at 2845 N. High St.
  • 08/28/2020: Get Go Gas located at 1020 Hill Road N.
  • 08/28/2020: Boost Mobile located at 4378 Cleveland Ave.
  • 08/29/2020: Turkey Hill located at 1953 Morse Rd.
  • 08/30/2020: BP located at 1347 Olentangy River Rd.
  • 09/03/2020: Flowerama located at 1600 Morse Rd.
  • 09/04/2020: BP located at 1925 Polaris Parkway
  • 09/04/2020: Petco located at 565 State St.
  • 09/07/2020: Speedway located at 376 Agler Rd.
  • 09/07/2020: Flowerama located at 6311 E. Main St.
  • 09/10/2020: Walgreens located at 3093 Cleveland Ave.
  • 09/10/2020: Advanced Auto Parts located at 2825 Silver Dr.

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