Parole denied for ‘Grandview Rapist’

The Ohio Adult Parole Authority denied a request for early release from a former doctor and serial rapist, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday.

Edward F. Jackson Jr., 75, is serving a prison term of between 282 and 985 years after being convicted of multiple counts of rape related to 36 victims.

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien had submitted a letter to the parole board opposing parole for Jackson, who is estimated to have raped at least 60 victims between 1975 and 1982, when he was arrested while breaking into an apartment.

Jackson worked as a doctor at the time. He broke into victims’ homes while wearing a ski mask, tied up victims with knotted ropes and called them by name, which showed a predatory level of preparation, authorities said.

Jackson, who became known as the “Grandview Rapist,” had last appeared before the parole board in 2009.

In 2012, Jackson asked then-Gov. John Kasich for a commutation of his sentence, which was also denied.

As part of the parole board’s decision, Jackson will have to wait 10 years before he can again ask for release.

Jackson is housed at the London Correctional Institution in Madison County.

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