Prosecutor Ron O’Brien’s Campaign Issues Statement on Zachary Klein’s Deceitful Campaign Ad

Statement notes series of lies and mistruths told by Klein about his background and experience in attempt to mislead voters 

COLUMBUS – D.J. Eckert, campaign manager for Prosecutor Ron O’Brien’s reelection campaign, released the following statement regarding Zachary Klein’s new campaign ad in which he lies about his background and experience to mislead voters:

“Fetching coffee for your supervisors is not 'helping to prosecute criminals,'" said D.J. Eckert, campaign manager for Prosecutor Ron O’Brien’s reelection campaign.  “Zachary Klein is simply lying to voters: he has never stepped foot inside a courtroom to prosecute a single case, and local, state and federal court records prove it. Klein did not prosecute criminals as an unpaid volunteer in the U.S. Attorney’s office, he did not hold Wall Street accountable for anything by sitting on a committee that made recommendations to the real lawyers in the Attorney General’s office, and Klein’s claim that as prosecutor he will fight to protect all families is an impossible sale for a nakedly-ambitious politician who hasn’t even stepped foot in a courtroom to prosecute or fight a traffic ticket. 
"Further, Klein’s campaign website claims that he 'prosecuted criminals as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney,' while his new ad claims that 'in the U.S. Attorney’s office, Klein helped prosecute criminals.'" So, what’s the truth?
“Zachary Klein has been lying about his experience since the day he announced his campaign for prosecutor, merely 44 days after voters had elected him to a four-year term on city council. The office of Prosecuting Attorney in Ohio’s capital city is neither a place for on-the-job training nor a steppingstone for a deceitful, ambitious politician looking for his next job – the safety of Franklin County families is too important.”

Below are links to screen shots of database searches done for any record of Zachary Klein serving as the attorney of record in every legal jurisdiction across Ohio. No such record exists. Jurisdictions include: United States Supreme Court, United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Ohio Supreme Court, The United States District Courts in both the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio, Franklin County Court of Appeals, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, and Franklin County Municipal Court.

Below is an article from The Washington Post titled: “’Special’ assistant U.S. attorneys work for free” that details the volunteer nature of the role: Click here to read.

Also below is a link to a screen shot from Zachary Klein’s campaign website on which he claims he “prosecuted criminals as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney.”
Lastly, below is a link to a copy of one version of Zachary Klein’s resume in which he details his responsibilities and accomplishments in both the Ohio Attorney General’s office and the U.S. Attorney’s office. Klein handled many administrative and supporting roles, but clearly did not prosecute cases of any kind.

Screen shots

United States Supreme Court

United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Ohio Supreme Court

The United States District Court in Northern Ohio

The United States District Court in Southern Ohio

Franklin County Court of Appeals

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Franklin County Municipal Court

Zachary Klein's campaign website

Zachary Klein's resume