Suspect accused of killing Ohio State student out on bond at time of shooting

A Columbus teenager is back behind bars after being charged with the murder of an Ohio State University student, three days after being released on bond on unrelated charges.

Kinte Mitchell Jr, 18, has been charged with murder in connection with the death of Ohio State student Chase Meola, who was fatally shot Sunday morning at a party in the University District.

Franklin County court documents state that Mitchell posted a $185,000 bond Oct. 8 in connection with two February home burglaries.

Mitchell was captured on Columbus Police body cameras video in February running away from officers while he was being taken into custody for one of the home break-ins but was apprehended a few minutes later. He was charged with escape but those charges were later dropped.

Mitchell pleaded guilty to two home break-ins in July, and was scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

"If he had been in jail, he wouldn't have been on campus committing this horrible crime," said Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien.

O'Brien tells ABC 6/FOX 28 his office will be requesting a revocation hearing to get answers to why Mitchell was able to post a $185,000 bond after pleading guilty to two felonies.

"This man didn't have that kind of money," said O'Brien, "we are concerned, not only in this case but in others, bondsmen are taking the risk of non-appearance, by taking less than what the premium is."

O'Brien says he's noticed a pattern over the years of bondsmen accepting credit cards as a security and then charging monthly payments.

"We are hoping to find the answers to some of these questions," said O'Brien, "pleads guilty to felonies, is released on bond, these circumstances we hope to find out."

ABC 6/FOX 28 attempted to talk with someone at an address listed for Mitchell, but no one answered the door.

Mitchell was scheduled to be arraigned on the murder charge Tuesday morning in Franklin County Municipal Court, but court officials say he refused to come out of his cell. The next possible day for arraignment is Thursday, Oct. 15.

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